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What's New

Change Log

Added capability to reverse the behavior of the <Special> Key. 

Added Right Mouse both unique and generic - <Special> Key suppressed the actual mouse which generates context menu.

Fixed bug reported by user on relative mouse movement suppression. Some messages where
being incorrectly suppressed.

Made Joystick more responsive.
Fixed bug in beta release reported by user.
Suppressed relative mouse movement message when 0 movement and buttons clicked

Added button support for multiple mice. Each mouse button or wheel is prepended 
with 04 mm where mm is the mouse number

Fixed bug with FF (MIDI reset message) being send out periodically during 
relative mouse movement messages.

No More Delay set for Relative Mouse Movement. Delay only effects absolute 
movement (pointer position)

Added Joystick Support - Tested with only one joystick (XBox style game control) 
but should work with whatever Windows 10 supports (16). 

Fixed MIDI Mouse movement pause function Cntl-Alt-P. Set up tooltip to show when 
paused. Both relative and absolute mouse movements are paused to help with Learn 
function in Ableton live To set up learn in Ableton live for mouse movement:

1) Put Ableton Live in Learn mode Cntl-M
2) click the control you want to use (Ableton will set to your mouse movement)
3) Press Cntl-Alt-P to pause MIDI mouse move messages
4) Set up controller type in Ableton 
    For mouse movement relative choose Relative(BinOffset)
    For absolute movement choose Absolute
5) Come out of Learn Mode in Ableton Cntl-M 
6) Press Cntl-Alt-P to unpause mouse move messages

Added capability to determine which mouse is moving if multiple mice are 
present. Relative Mouse MIDI Move Message has changed to report the mouse 
number. Buttons and scroll wheel, however do not report which mouse so they are common across all attached mice.

Relative Mouse Movement messages occur regardless of mouse freeze status.

Mouse Wheel action lagged when MIDI Buddy was run. Reduced lag time.


Added the a Settings Systray Option which opens up a dialog that allows you to:
- Change the suppress mouse wheel and button action. Default is Alt but you can now change   it to Control or Delete. This is called the "<Special>" key.
- Change the Mouse Movement Delay 
Both of the above update the MIDIBuddy.INI file so you don't have to change them every time you open MIDIBuddy

Added Feedback Status from MIDIBuddy when Mouse Movement is Frozen or Unfrozen - 
See messages above.

Fixed problem with buffer overrun of mouse wheel when scrolling via MIDI 
controller too fast

You can now change the delay of mouse movement sysex message by the shortcut combination Control-Alt D  (Hold Control and Alt Down and then "D" while the other keys are held down). Enter the delay in milliseconds (1000 milliseconds = 1 second) 
You can also quit the program by hitting Control-Alt-Q

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