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Other MIDI Solutions

If you are looking for other MIDI based solutions, you have come to the right place. I'm available for helping you with customized MIDI solutions. Here are some examples of the types of solutions, I have built for other clients.

  • Set up non-Mackie MIDI controllers to behave like Mackie MCU controllers, allowing quicker and tighter integration with your existing controller to Mackie enabled applications. Here are some specific controlers that I've been able to get to emulate Mackie MCU using computer software:

    • ​Novation Launch Control

    • Novation Launch Control XL

    • Worlde EasyControl.9

    • Akaipro APC 40 MKII

    • Akaipro MIDIMIX 

    • Novation Launchkey MINI

  • The following have limited Mackie MCU Capabilities that​ can be enhanced further fairly easily

    • Korg NanoKontrol2​

    • Behringer X-touch MINI (implemented)

    • Begringer X-Touch Compact (implemented)

  • I've also been able to add Mackie HUI functionality to some controllers if an application requires HUI. Mackie HUI is different than Mackie MCU (Mackie Control Universal).​

    •  Akai APC40 MKII

  • I Also have Mackie MCU to Mackie HUI conversion for Behringer X-touch Compact which does not natively support Mackie HUI.

  • Provide custom LED feedback for your MIDI controllers if the LED's on you controllers do not behave the way you want to.

  • Add a text display (using a serial port) so that you can see what your controls are doing.

  • Control relays, Infrared devices and more integrating with Arduino.

  • Provide additional functionality that your MIDI controller does not have. I've added the following capabilities for instance to the Behringer FCB1010

    • Add Sysex  send and receive capabilities​ 

    • Send complex sequence of MIDI messages

    • Update LED's and displays of the FCB1010

    • Added customized serial LCD displays

    • Convert absolute controllers to provide relative encoder simulation

    • Emulate multiple controllers with a single controller for your application

    • Integrate 2 or more control surfaces to look like a single controller for your application

    • Make your Behringer FCB-1010 send Roland FC-300 messages (great for accordion players)

    • Add gestures to your buttons to extend MIDI controller functionality (9 functions from 1 button)

      • Single Click and Release

      • Single Click and Hold

      • Release after Single Click and Hold

      • Double Click and Release

      • Double Click and Hold

      • Release after Double Click and Hold

      • Triple Click and Release

      • Triple Click and Hold

      • Release after Triple Click and Hold

  • Tighter integration or customization of your controller with MIDI based applications.​

    • Ableton Live​

    • Pro-Tools

    • Studio One 3/4

    • Bitwig Studio 

    • Cakewalk

    • FL Studio

    • Reaper

    • Davinci Resolve

    • Resolume Arena

    • GrandMA2

    • GrandMA dot2

    • Cubase

    • MixBus

  • Control surface control for applications without MIDI capabilities​

    • Corel Video Studio

    • Adobe Premier Pro

    • Capture 1

There are many more examples that those shown above. If interested for a free estimate, just click on the Contact form above to reach out to me.

Steve Caldwell

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