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What is MIDIBuddy?


MIDIBuddy is a Windows based computer program that monitors for incoming mouse and joystick/gamepad events and sends special MIDI System Exclusive (SysEx) messages to user defined MIDI port based on the incoming event. It is a great companion tool for Bome MIDI Translator Pro that can then take that MIDI event and convert it to other outgoing actions that can be sent to another Windows application .

MIDIBuddy is intended for musicians and music production professionals, however it's usability can be extended for use with other types of applications if used with Bome MIDI Translator Pro such as photo and video editing or even if you want to control things with your mouse beyond Microsoft Windows standard capabilities. 

What you can do with MIDIBuddy that you can’t do with Bome MT Pro by itself?

  1. You can control MIDI enabled applications with your mouse and/or joystick. You can even have each attached mouse or joystick send unique MIDI messages to control different functions.

  2. You can capture the mouse position when you move your real mouse so that if you are using a separate MIDI controller for mouse movement also, the position of the mouse is always known and the mouse does not “jump around”.

  3. You can use mouse buttons to send MIDI messages (left, right, middle, X1 X2 and scroll wheel). Your mouse is now a mini MIDI controller. MT Pro by itself does not monitor for these events. MIDIBuddy translates these events and sends them to MT Pro which DOES monitor for MIDI events. At that point MT Pro can process them as normal.

  4. You can use the Windows clipboard to send a numerical value to MT Pro. MT Pro can then use this and translate it as desired and send to any MIDI enabled device or application. A good example is to send a tempo change to Ableton Live. Simply clip the numerical value to the clipboard. MIDIBuddy and MT Pro then will handle the rest.

  5. You can freeze your mouse movement so that your mouse movement does not interrupt the flow that you are doing with a MIDI controller that is also using the mouse. The mouse movement of any “real” mice are frozen, but the MIDI mouse wheel movement still occurs.

  6. Using the mouse freeze/unfreeze function, you can coordinate events between your real mouse and any MIDI controller also controlling your mouse. MIDIBuddy sends a message every time the real mouse is frozen or unfrozen. MT Pro can monitor and react to these events.

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